4 Ways To Teach Your Kids Good Cleaning Habits

good cleaning habits

Good hygiene and adopting good cleaning habits are some of the best ways to enhance your child’s self-development and teach them about responsibility and self-confidence. Cleanliness is, and always will be incredibly important to you and your family’s health and there’s no better time to start introducing good cleaning habits to your child than in their early years.

In this blog, we share four simple ways to teach your kids good cleaning habits that reinforce positive cleaning practices and how these habits help your child’s development.

Why is cleaning important for your children?

Teaching your children good cleaning habits isn’t about giving them chores, it’s about including them in the cleaning process. This teaches them about the importance of cleanliness and tidiness and positively reinforces housework. By involving them in tasks such as cleaning away toys and washing the dishes, it creates good habits and reduces the workload on parents. It will also give your child a sense of responsibility and self-resilience too.

A study completed by the University of Minnesota followed 80 children as they grew into adult life and they discovered that children who completed or were involved in household chores from a young age were more likely to be successful in academic, professional and social pursuits.

So with this in mind, changing the way you approach cleaning and involving your little one in simple chores can benefit you and your child in the long run. Not only will it mean less time for you to spend cleaning after your young one, but it also means your child is happier, confident and well-informed.

4 ways to teach your children good cleaning habits

You might be wondering how on earth you can teach your kids good cleaning habits when they’re so young and so full of energy! Well, we share four simple and easy ways you can do this below.

1. Build an understanding of cleanliness and tidiness with your child

The first step to teaching good cleaning habits is to build an understanding of cleanliness and tidiness with your child. Explaining how dirt, bacteria, and other germs can spread in unclean environments is key to understanding how important cleaning is. It doesn’t have to be anything too complicated, just a simple understanding of how dirty environments can lead to sickness or smelly environments. This will help your kids make the connection between clean environments and health.

Similarly, reinforcing a tidy environment to your child will help them form an understanding of cleaning. Showing your child how to clean up after they’ve eaten a meal, or tidying away their toys after they’ve finished playing are just simple ways to reinforce good cleaning habits.

2. Start with small tasks

Another way to help create healthy habits is to start small. Children as young as three years old can’t really do big household chores. However, they can learn through little activities like pressing the buttons on the washing machine when you do a load of washing, pairing socks when they’re dry or folding clothes for example. Toddlers and young children are intrigued by the world around them and by letting them participate in daily activities, you can begin to associate cleaning habits with exploration.

3. Develop your child’s independence

When your kids are old enough to be a bit more independent, you can give them a few simple options. Straightforward, realistic tasks that they can complete will give your kids a sense of accomplishment and build their self-confidence, while at the same time teaching them about cleanliness and tidiness. Give them two or three options to help frame their chores as their decision instead of something they are forced to do. This approach can go a long way in preventing the connection between chores and punishment.

4. Remember to be as positive as possible

Reinforcing cleaning as a fun activity can help embed healthy cleaning habits in your children. Make cleaning a family affair and reward cleaning time instead of using it as a punishment. You could also incorporate games into their chores to tap into their competitive spirit and make it fun. Set a timer and see if your young one can beat you at the cleaning task at hand. Whatever you do, try to make the task as fun and positive as possible and your child will become more independent and tidier, which will help them as they develop.

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