Terms & Conditions

Payment of Fees

All fees are to be paid monthly in advance by the 3rd of the month, where possible fees are calculated to be a fixed price over the year i.e. 52 divided by 12 = 4.33 x Weekly cost.


Payments to Hold Places

A payment of 50% of the month’s fees is required to hold a place on our waiting list. This is not refunded as it is part payment to the first month’s fees.



Four weeks notice is required in writing should you wish to remove your child from the nursery or change sessions and fees will be due for all the notice period. Nursery places will only be held open for a period of two weeks (without contact)


Bank Holidays, Annual Holidays and Sickness

In line with other nurseries, fees are charged for all holidays and are not refunded for sickness


Infectious Diseases

The Nursery reserves the right to refuse admission of a sick child and to request that if a child becomes ill during the day they be collected as soon as possible.


Absence from Nursery

Should your child be arriving late or not attending please contact us as soon as possible so we can make any adjustments at the Nursery. E.g. Meals, Staffing etc.



The Nursery cannot be held responsible for your child’s personal possessions i.e. any toys etc. brought into the nursery and please dress you children in suitable clothing to take part in messy play.


Opening and Closing Times

The Nursery opens at 7.45am and closes at 6pm every day of the week on no account will children be allowed into the nursery before 7.45am and we request that parents collect their children and have left the premises by 6pm a late collection charge of £20.00 will be added to your bill automatically in the event of collection after 6pm.