Day Nursery Nottingham

36 months - 48 months | Blue Room 1

Blue Room 1 is for our Pre-School children aged approximately 36-48 months.

We have a large range of equipment and activities, which include but are not limited to an extensive range of messy play, construction toys, small world play and even our very own musical instrument centre.



Our children are given the opportunity to build and construct with a wide range of objects, they have free choice over any materials/resources they may require allowing them to adapt their work were necessary. The children also have the opportunity of expressing themselves and communicating their ideas through a wide range of materials and other suitable mediums, giving them the chance to create develops independence and prepares them for school.

We aim to develop positive values, self confidence and independence. In Blue Room 1 we encourage children to develop at their own pace, we provide the children the opportunity to question, discover, experience, experiment and explore everything we have to offer them.

Blue Room 1 has key areas which focus on certain aspects of your child’s development, these range from; language and literacy, reasoning, book corners, science and nature, mathematic etc.

In our blue room, we provide childcare for 3-year-olds and upwards. Take a look at our funded/ free child care options in our day nursery in Nottingham.

Linzi - Blue Room 1

Linzi – Blue Room 1 Room Leader