Red Room 1

12 months - 24 months

Red Room 1 is for our toddlers. This is a fun, lively and caring place to be. We introduce your child to a wider range of activities and equipment to stimulate early learning in all areas of development. Throughout the day we have various activities including singing, stories and time for free play as well as sand and water.




There are daily opportunities to develop sensory experiences with different textures, smells, colours and sounds through activities like messy play, printing and cooking. At all times the children are encouraged to create their own work. This work will be displayed in their room or it will be given out to take home.

During your child’s time in the red room they will develop their own personality and self-confidence. Our role is to support, encourage and monitor your child’s progress throughout their stay in the red room.

Laura - Red Room 1

Laura – Red Room 1 Room Leader