Day Nursery Nottingham

12 - 24 months | Red Room 2

Red Room 2 is our second toddler room, opening in February 2018, it is a fun, caring and lively place for your child to enjoy. Your child will be introduced to a wider range of equipment and activities, which encourages early learning by focusing on all areas of development. Throughout the day in Red Room 2 the children are told stories, are given the chance to free play, we sing and dance and have lots of opportunity for creative play.



There are opportunities daily which allow the development of sensory experiences, using different textures, colours, smells and sounds. Activities such as mark making, messy play and cooking all aid in developing your child’s sensory growth. The children are always encouraged to create their very own masterpieces and their work is available to take home daily.

During your child’s time in Red Room 2 they will develop both their self confidence and personality, our aim is to; support, encourage and monitor your child’s progress throughout their stay in Red Room.

In the red room, your child will develop personalities and find confidence. Find out about our fees for our day nursery in Nottingham to secure your child’s place.


Red Room 2 Leader