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36 - 48 months | Blue Room 3

Blue Room 3 was added as part of our extension in 2017, it is for our Pre-School children aged approximately  36-48 months.

In Blue Room 3 there is an extensive range of both activities and equipment, there is a range of equipment from messy play to small world play, there are construction toys and even a musical instrument centre.

The aim in Blue Room 3 is to allow the children to develop their own independence and self confidence whilst also building on their positive values. We believe children should be given as many opportunities in their day with us, to enable them to; discover, experience, imagine, explore and question.

To focus on certain aspects of your child’s development we have key areas in our room, from a mathematics area, to book corners, science and nature areas, language and literacy etc.

The children really enjoy both listening and using both spoken and written language, even using it in their very own play and learning, they use language showing imagination and recreating roles and experiences. This allows the children to form good relationships with both their fellow peers and the adults that care for them, it also allows them to work as part of groups, and encourages both turn taking and sharing fairly, this also allows them to develop their own cultural beliefs and recognise the beliefs of the children they are learning and playing with.

Activities are planned daily, with the activities focused on anything the children wish to engage with, the children are observed regularly so their next stages of development can be both planned and encouraged to give them the best possible start before school.

Want to have your child join the blue room? Find out here to see if you’d be eligible for free childcare at our day nursery in Nottingham.

Stepping Stones Day Nursery - Blue Room 2 Team Leader

Jade – Blue Room 3 Room Leader