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24 – 36 Months | Green Room 1

Green Room Ideas is for children aged approximately 24-36 months. At this age, the children are starting to form relationships and learn about simple goals and boundaries in early communication. This can include sharing with others, developing awareness of themselves, and expressing ideas and emotions through play.

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There are a variety of indoor toys and equipment which allow the children to either engage in group activities, or explore on their own. There is a lot of focus on the first 100 words, and language and communication activities ensure that children gain the vocabulary to express themselves confidently at an early age.

We work in partnership with parents and carers to toilet train our children in the Green Room Ideas and this is encouraged at each individuals child’s pace with toilet facilities adjacent to our room.

Green Room Ideas prepares the children to become more independent and start to communicate their needs with a lot of focus on developing their 100 words. This will allow them to make a smooth transition over to our purpose-built pre-school.

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Shannon - Green Room 1

Shannon – Green Room 1 Room Leader