The Benefits of Day Nursery

Day Nursery reading time

Education is key to a child’s development. And there is no stage as integral to development as the early years’ foundation stage (EYFS). The benefits of Day Nursery system in UK  is one that all day nurseries subscribe to as it provides a strong base of education from which children can learn, grow, and achieve their dreams. 

Countless studies have also shown that early years development can help give your child a headstart in education. Here are some of the ways day nurseries like ours can help your child. 

Benefits of Day Nursery

1. Prepare your child for school

First and foremost, day nurseries prepare children for school. We stick to strict government guidelines and employ experienced, trained professionals who understand children’s development. This means we create spaces where children can learn and grow in a safe, stimulating atmosphere. 

Reading, playing with water and sand, listening to stories, building, creating, painting, drawing, glueing, sticking, solving puzzles, dancing to music, learning hand-eye coordination, exercising, singing songs, and cooking are just a small part of what goes on at a day nursery. These activities are structured and guided by experienced teachers and carers to ensure every child learns at their own pace. 

We also help children familiarise themselves with working digitally. Every classroom has touch screens and computers for digital tasks. These are used in moderation and allow us to train a skill that is necessary for almost all modern jobs. 

Day Nursery getting creative

2. Practice Important Social Skills

Day nurseries also help develop important social skills. Learning to share, play, and communicate are key to early development. We create a social space where children learn through play, make friends, and learn how to communicate their feelings healthily. 

Through regular interactions with their peers and teacher, children learn how to navigate relationships and understand school rules. All of this makes the transition to school life seamless as they have years of practice before starting big school. 

3. Free up time for you to focus on yourself

Day nurseries aren’t just good for children but parents too. We take the kids off your hands during the day so you can focus on other matters. Whether it’s going to work, running your own business, or even just spending some time socialising with friends and family, you can take a break from raising your child and follow your goals and ambitions. 

4. Working with you

Trusting your child with a day nursery is no small feat and we understand this better than most. That’s why we always include parents in every aspect of their child’s development. We keep you up to date with digital reports and feedback that can be accessed anytime. Meal plans, catch-ups with your child’s key worker and other feedback is provided regularly because as the saying goes ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. 

We want to help as many children as possible and our purpose-built day nursery is the perfect place to do so. Situated right next to the Nottingham Arboretum we have cultivated the perfect space for inquisitive minds to learn and grow. 

Day Nursery lunch time

Who We Are

At Stepping Stones, we have been nurturing and educating children for over 19 years. Our approach to teaching is multi-faceted and we consider every aspect of the day. From purpose-built classrooms to specially trained staff, safety measures to nutritious meal plans, we cover every aspect of your child’s day.

Contact us today to find out more about what Stepping Stones has to offer and how to get placement. We can’t wait to get you and your little one started on an extraordinary journey.

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