07/05/2018 – Stepping Stones – The Next Two Weeks

In the Yellow Room

Over the next two weeks in the yellow room, we will be doing lots of activities on bonding and eye to eye contact. This encourages the younger babies to gaze at faces and copy facial expressions. We will also be playing the tickling game to help encourage bond making and to help the babies to express their feelings.

For the older babies we will be using words from ‘The First 100 words’ to encourage early conversations and help the babies to repeat words and sounds. These words will be supported by the babies doing sensory activities around sand and water play.

In Red Room 1 & 2

In Red Room 1 we will be focusing on verbs and descriptive words, these will be used in activities such as water and sand play, words such as; wash, pour, little, big, clean, dirty, dry, wet, in and out, this really helps the children start to recognise and associate words with the activities they are engaging in. We will also be doing activities that involve a lot of physical play (slide and ball pool), words such as kick, jump and catch will be used. This really aids in associating words words with actions.

In Red Room 2 we are going to explore different materials such as, coloured spaghetti and water play with boats. We will be noticing the different marks that we will make with cars in beans and talking about the differing textures. We are also going to be working on stepping onto and balancing on our wooden balancing blocks.

We are also still asking parent’s to share family photos for our display, which can be brought in or emailed to [email protected]

In Green Room 1 & 2

Over the next two weeks in Green Room 1, we will be using the bottom garden to practice walking up and down steps and our other wonderful outdoor play course! We will also be exploring all the different objects in the garden and practising our balancing skills. These will give us the opportunity to use words such as; up, down, stairs and rail.

In Green Room 2, with the weather so nice we will be doing lots of water play. This gives us the opportunity to use words such as; splashing, water, hot, cold and dry. The following week we will be making our own sandwiches and making ice lollies, using the words; cut, cook, mix pour etc. this will develop the children’s language.

We will be using the first 100 words in both our Green Rooms, if you would like a copy to support your child’s development please ask a member of staff.

In the Pre-School

Fortnightly Book


‘Chocolate Mousse for Greedy Goose’ is Blue room 1’s book, they will be doing lots of action rhymes and talking about words that rhyme with each other. We will also be writing a menu for the Greedy Goose.

Blue Room 2 will be reading ‘Peace at Last’. The children will be playing the teaching clock game and being asked to describe noises they might hear at night.

In Blue Room 3 ‘Winston Was Worried’ is our fortnightly book. We will be having our very own Vet’s in our room as we transform our home corner. We are also going to be talking about our feelings.



In Blue Room 1 our letter of the week is Uu

In Blue Room 2 our letter of the week is Gg

In Blue Room 3 our letter of the week is Ll

We are all trying to think of lots of things beginning with our letters/the sound it makes, what items do you have at home beginning with our letters? What can you see beginning with our letters on the way to nursery? Can you bring anything in to show us beginning with our letter? We are using our new phoneme bags which are just next to reception, we will also be learning an alliterative rhyme that matches our letter (for example ‘C’ Carol the Cat clicks her castanets). We will also be learning the jolly phonics action.


In Blue Room 1 our number is 4

In Blue Room 2 our number is 4

In Blue Room 3 our number is 1

Talking to your child about these numbers will really reinforce our teaching. This helps your child’s ability to recognize numbers and aids in their mathematical development. In all rooms we will be counting to our number. Talking about the different ways we can make our number (for example 5 = 3 + 2, 4 + 1, 5 + 0 etc.). Also looking at where it is on our number line and which numbers come before and after it.


Patterns is the skill for Blue Room 1’s children. They will be making patters on white boards and painting patterns and even trying to follow some simple clapping patterns.

In Blue Room 2 our children will be looking at the properties of two dimensional shapes. The children will be drawing shapes. Whilst looking at shapes we will be counting how many corners they have and also trying to distinguish how they are different from each other.

In Blue Room 3 the children will be going on a shape hunt both inside and outside the nursery. We will be trying to name the shapes and be talking about how they are different.


Homework sheets for the Pre-School are available in both the rooms and on the door in a plastic wallet. Please ask your room leader for a sheet if you cannot find one.

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