09/04/2018 – The next fortnight at Stepping Stones!

In the Yellow Room

Over the next two weeks in our baby room, we are focusing on sensory play and how we use all our senses to explore objects and our environment. We will be experimenting with various objects and materials such as wet/dry sand and shakers with various contents to enhance our babies sensory experience.

Sensory bags will also be made for the smaller babies to encourage tummy time, they will also be encouraged and supported to reach out for objects and begin to hold them, we will be having our very own baby gym helping to build our babies core strength, it will also have objects and materials hanging under the tables and tunnels to reinforce our focus on sensory play.

In Red Room 1 & 2

In Red Room 1 and 2 over the next two weeks we will be focusing on physical play – climbing on the slide, balancing on blocks both inside and outside in order to develop both strength and other skills such as balancing. Throughout the children’s physical play we will incorporate some of the ‘first 100 words’ such as; up, down, in, on, through, this will develop and enhance the children’s language. We will also be carrying out activities such as catch with balls and bean-bags to support hand eye co-ordination.

Red Room 1 – Can we also ask all parents to send/bring in any photos to our email as we are trying to complete our family display, this encourages the children to recognize themselves and their family and also gives them the opportunity at seeing their friends families and cultures.

In Green Room 1 & 2

In Green Room 1 for the next two weeks we will be focusing on the story book ‘Washing Line’, we will be focusing on the key words, such as, trousers, t-shirt, shoes and socks. We will also be bathing and dressing babies to link with our focus words of the two weeks.

In Green Room 2 we will be focusing on sensory play, we will be using play dough, cornflour, sand, paint and glue, these expressive art materials will reinforce the words we are focusing on for the next two weeks, these being; sticky, wet, cold, slimy. In our second week will be growing our very own flowers and vegetables, which we will be using once again to reinforce the words; water, big, small, soil and growing.

In the Pre-School

Fortnightly Book


In Blue Room 1 we are going to be reading ‘Peace at Last’, we are going to have out very own Teddy bear picnic, making our own split pin teddy bears and teddy bear masks.

In Blue Room 2 we are reading ‘Don’t Call me Sweet’, we will be creating our very own scary monster menu, clay modelling our very own monster faces and box modelling to create some monsters.

In Blue Room 3 we are reading ‘Owl Babies’, we will be learning about nocturnal animals and the surroundings they live in. 


In Blue Room 1 our letter of the week is Gg

In Blue Room 2 our letter of the week is Mm

In Blue Room 3 our letter of the week is Oo

We are all trying to think of lots of things beginning with our letters/the sound it makes, what items do you have at home beginning with our letters? What can you see beginning with our letters on the way to nursery? Can you bring anything in to show us beginning with our letter? We are using our new phoneme bags which are just next to reception, we will also be learning an alliterative rhyme that matches our letter (for example ‘C’ Carol the Cat clicks her castanets). We will also be learning the jolly phonics action.


In Blue Room 1 our number is 2

In Blue Room 2 our number is 2

In Blue Room 3 our number is 9

Talking to your child about these numbers will really reinforce our teaching, helping your child’s ability to recognize numbers and aid in their mathematical development, in all rooms we will be counting to our number, the different ways we can make our number (for example 5 = 3 + 2, 4 + 1, 5 + 0 etc.) Looking at where it is on our number line and which numbers come before and after it.


 In Blue Room 1 we ordering and recognizing numbers, we will be making teddy number lines, singing number song and trying to make numbers out of playdough.

In Blue Room 2 we will be making a height chart, our children will be measuring each other, they will also be drawing around each other so they can compare sizes against more than one method, we will also be playing sorting games, for example which is the biggest dinosaur in our toy box, what objects are longer/shorter than each other?

In Blue Room 3 our skill is collecting information about each of our friends, for example we will be making a chart for what colour hair and eyes we have, how many brothers and sisters we may have etc.


Homework sheets for the Pre-School are available in both the rooms and on the door in a plastic wallet. Please ask your room leader for a sheet if you cannot find one.

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