25/06/2018 – The Next Fortnight in the Pre-School

Updates and Notices

As the weather is getting hotter, please can all parents bring in hats and sun cream for your children.

Science Week in the Pre-School

Science Week

For Science day Pre-School will be doing lots of activities that explore and investigate the world around us.

Blue Room 1 will be experimenting with ice and timing how fast they can making it melt. Making slime, playing with cornflour and creating a chart to see what items we have that may float or sink.

Blue Room 2 will be doing lots of ice experiments. Ice hands and cubes will be observed to see how they melt. They will also be layering liquids, this will reinforce the words they are currently looking at; separate, mix and float.

Blue Room 3 will be creating reactions. We will be mixing coke and mentos to see what happens! We will also mix bicarbonate of soda with vinegar to create a volcano.


Fortnightly Book

In Blue Room 1 ‘Three Little Pigs’ is our fortnightly book. We will be making both pig and wolf masks and box modelling houses.

‘Winston Was Worried’ is Blue room 2’s book, we will be creating a feeling book and writing appointment cards.

Blue Room 3 will be reading ‘A squash and a squeeze’. Creating a story map to re-tell the story as well as having our own ‘a squash and squeeze’ house.


In Blue Room 1 our letter of the week is Bb

Ll is the letter of the week in Blue Room 2

Our letter of the week is Jj in Blue Room 3

We are all trying to think of lots of things beginning with our letters/the sound it makes, what items do you have at home beginning with our letters? What can you see beginning with our letters on the way to nursery? Can you bring anything in to show us beginning with our letter? We are using our new phoneme bags which are just next to reception, we will also be learning an alliterative rhyme that matches our letter (for example ‘C’ Carol the Cat clicks her castanets). We will also be learning the jolly phonics action.


Our number of the week is 7 in Blue Room 1

In Blue Room 2 our number is 6

3 is the number of the week in Blue Room 3

Talking to your child about these numbers will really reinforce our teaching. This helps your child’s ability to recognize numbers and aids in their mathematical development. In all rooms we will be counting to our number. Talking about the different ways we can make our number (for example 5 = 3 + 2, 4 + 1, 5 + 0 etc.). Also looking at where it is on our number line and which numbers come before and after it.


In Blue Room 1 the children will be studying patterns. We will be hand printing patters, making shape patterns and even action patters. Action patterns are actions such as clap, jump, clap, jump.

In Blue Room 2 our children will be looking at adding and subtracting one more and one less. We will be playing dominoes to reinforce the learning objective and comparing numbers to see if they are bigger or smaller.

Shapes is the focus for Blue Room 3’s children. They will be going on a shape hunt and trying to create shapes using other shapes.



Homework sheets for the Pre-School are available in both the rooms and on the door in a plastic wallet. Please ask your room leader for a sheet if you cannot find one.

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