Stepping Stones Parent’s Charter – January 2019 – August 2019

Stepping Stones Parent’s Charter January 2019

To ensure a positive two-way working relationship on all aspects of care and learning for your child we provide a yearly schedule of events. Parents can attend all sessions if they so wish but to ensure a positive working relationship and to meet the children’s needs, we expect a minimum of:

  • Attendance to two parent’s evenings per school year
  • Participation (in some nature) of two other listed events throughout the school year

For those parents who it would be a great hardship to attend, for example, carers etc, we’ll work with you to find a suitable method to support and enable your involvement in our events.

Key Dates

 January 2019

W/C 28th – National Story Telling Week


February 2019

4th – National Cancer Awareness Day

5th – Chinese New Year – Year of the pig – Parent’s questionnaires and review


March 2019

7th – World Book Day – Fundraising for the Harley Jae Trust

21st – Down Syndrome Day

26th (AM Session) & 29th (PM session) – Mother’s day stay & play


April 2019

2nd – Autism Awareness

3rd & 4th – Parent’s Evening

23rd – St George’s Day

30th – Getting ready for School Meeting


May 2019

22nd – Sport’s Day for Pre-School


June 2019

W/C 3rd – Eid Celebrations

W/C 10th – Health Eating Week

12th (PM Session) & 13th (AM Session) – Father’s Day – Stay & Play


July 2019

2nd, 3rd & 4th – Pre-School Graduations

10th & 11th – Parent’s evenings


August 2019

Future events to be scheduled in


Please note these dates may be subject to change in the future, as much notice as possible will be given.

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