Fun Easter Arts and Crafts

Easter is the perfect time to spend some quality time with family. The kids are on school holidays, parents are on long weekends, and everyone is itching for something to do. Luckily, the Easter holidays also come with the promise of easter egg hunts, chocolates and these amazing Easter arts and crafts ideas. Perfect for the whole family, these ideas can be done with just a few materials and are perfect for an Easter-themed feast. 

Bunny Bookmarks

Personalised bookmarks are a great arts and crafts project. Not only do they promote reading, but it also allows you to create some cute bunny ears at the same time. Use card, coloured paper, googly eyes and anything else to create cute bunny bookmarks. Make sure the ears stick out the top so it’s easy to find your place when reading. 

For a more impressive bookmark, why not try these amazing origami corner bunny bookmarks. These unique bookmarks make the perfect gift for uncles, aunts, mums, dads, just about anyone. 

Egg Decoration

What is Easter without good old fashioned egg decoration? Egg decorating is a tradition and one that has grown into a worldwide phenomenon. Whether you use simple paints, glitters and glues, or go all out with patterns, stamps, and pressed flowers, egg decorating is a fun activity the whole family can enjoy. Here are 60 of the best egg decorating ideas to get you started. 

Easter Sign

Fun Easter Arts and Crafts

If you’re having family over for an Easter meal then why not get the kids to create an Easter-themed welcome sign. First, get some board or wood, cut two holes in the top and thread some twine. Once you’ve done the sharp tools work, you can give it your kids to paint, write, and decorate. Try out some ‘egg-selent’ puns, stick on some bunny ears, personalise it with your family name. The choice is yours. 

Easter Mason Jars

Mason jars are super versatile and can be upcycled just in time for Easter. Easter Bunny mason jars are great for holding sweets, candles, and flowers. This crafty idea is courtesy of Happiness is Homemade and is a stunning Easter addition that can be used for years to come. Ribbons, colourful chalkboard paint and some bunny-shaped cutouts are all that’s needed to make these cute containers. 

Easter Bunny Hand Prints

Arts and crafts are all about getting creative and messy. There is nothing messier than handprint painting. This activity is fun for the whole family and easy to do. All you need is some strong card, paint and a place to wash your hands. 

To make the bunny faces, paint your hand and separate your fingers into two ears (pinkie and ring finger together/ index and middle finger together) and press your hand down firmly onto the paper. Once you have this outline you can use fingers or brushes to paint the inside of the ears, the eyes, mouth, whiskers and nose. 

Egg Carton Chicks

This simple craft from One Little Project is the perfect way to recycle your empty egg cartons into sweet and trinket chests. All you need is some egg cartons, a pair of scissors, some orange and yellow paper, yellow paint, and some glue. Once you’ve either cut the cartons or assisted your child, set out a work station. Let them paint the cups, and glue two egg cups together to form a little treasure chest. 

Fun Easter Arts and Crafts

Glue little squares of yellow paper to the sides to make wings and then two orange squares on the bottom to make little feet. Draw on eyes with a pen and glue two triangles on the front of the chick chest to make a little beak. Voila! You’ve just made a tiny chest for sweets, chocolates and jewellery. 

Bunny Cups

Bunny cups are cute decorations that can be used for your Easter Sunday with the family. These cups are quick, easy and safe to make, and will keep your little one busy. You will need some paper or foam cups, glue, googly eyes, a pen, a pair of scissors and some colourful paper. 

If you don’t want to leave your child with scissors, draw and cut out some bunny ear shapes beforehand. Turn the cup so the bottom is at the top and let your kids go wild. They can stick on ears, eyes, and draw cute faces. Have a competition or let them decorate a cup for everyone coming over for lunch. This activity is fun, heartfelt, and easy. 

Easter Chick Plates

To go with the rest of your decorations you’ll also need some special Easter plates. Vicky Barone has come up with these adorable chick and lamb plates that fit in perfectly to your Easter arts and crafts day. While we definitely wouldn’t suggest eating off a woolly lamb plate, these plates will make for a cute place setting before a meal. 

Easter Tree

Finally, to complete the Easter arts and craft feast, why not make your very own Easter tree. Take the kids out and forage for branches. Once you have enough, tie them together with a bit of ribbon and place in a nice vase. Decorate the branches like you would a Christmas tree with painted easter eggs, faux flowers, ribbons and anything else that you can find. 

Fun Easter Arts and Crafts

And there you have it. Easter arts and crafts day sorted! Now you have everything you need to host the best Easter party ever. Cups, plates, a welcome sign, and a beautiful Easter tree centrepiece. All that’s left to do enjoy Easter with your family and of course, try to find the most chocolate eggs.

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