Have Fun With These Winter Warmer Arts and Crafts

Entertaining the kids in the middle of winter can be tricky. With everyone keeping warm while winter winds blow, you as well as your children can start to feel bored with your surroundings. The best way to combat this cabin fever is to stay active with engaging activities that entertain young minds and teach useful skills. Here are some of the best ways to keep up energy and mood during winter. 

It’s Important to Get Some Time Outdoors

While all of the activities below are great ways to stay warm indoors, you and your little ones must get some much-needed vitamin D. Vitamin D helps promote healthy bones and improves mood, and fights off SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). 

If you can find a sunny patch, or even just a dry patch, during the day then bundle yourselves up and go for a walk or do some exercises. 10-15 mins of exercise, playing sports, running, throwing, catching, and other physical activities can make the world of difference. 

Designer Hot Chocolates

This easy activity can turn a special treat into a fun family activity. Make your hot chocolate using cocoa and sugar, or ready-made hot chocolate powder and milk. You can prepare a large batch on the stove and add spices like cinnamon to add a bit festive cheer or just use a kettle for a quick and easy brew. 

Once you have your hot chocolate ready to go, you can break out mini marshmallows, whipped cream, sprinkles, and just about any other tasty treats you have on hand. Let the kids go wild but make keep an eye on them as they will be working near hot beverages.

Designer Hot Chocolate

Make Your Own Blankets

No-Sew blankets are a great way to engage your kids and get them to practice motor skills. All without the need for needles or sewing machines. You will need scissors though to cut the ends into strips but you can do this before letting your little one knot the fabrics together. 

There are several DIY ideas as well as prepackaged kits available. You can even use old fleeces and tired fabrics to make unique pieces for the home. Better yet, let the kids make some cute blankets as gifts for friends and family. They’ll love the homemade gifts, especially from their favourite niece, nephew, or grandchild. 

Create a Tasty Soup

Food is one of the best ways to stay warm during winter. A lovely butternut soup or minestrone can warm tired bones and even be stored and frozen for nights when you don’t feel like cooking. Let the kids help and you can turn batch cooking into a fun family activity. Whether it’s pushing buttons, adding seasoning, or keeping an eye on older kids as they learn to use kitchen equipment safely, making a big batch of soup can be an enlightening, enriching, and entertaining winter activity.

If you’d like a few more fun winter ideas, or even something a bit more festive, check out our Fun Festive Feasts for the Whole Family blog. You’ll find ideas for everything from cake pops to edible tree ornaments. Just remember that everyone develops at their own speed. Help your little one out but also give them time to it out on their own.

Homemade soup

Winter is here and festivities are high, don’t miss out on our Fun Festive Feasts for the Whole Family!

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