How to Help Your Child Settle into Day Nursery

By this point you are probably already aware of the benefits of day nursery. So now it’s time to focus on how we help our children to settle in. Children are incredibly sensitive to the world around them. Imagine experiencing everything for the first time? New sensations, new environments, new people, all of these aspects can be overwhelming especially when you experience them all at the same time. 

Starting at a day nursery is one of the biggest changes your child will experience. They move from spending time at home with mum or dad to a space where they are engaged by other children, Nursery Nurses, and activities. So how do you prepare your child for day nursery? Here are some ways to help your child adjust and prepare themselves to enjoy and grow in a safe, nurturing environment. 

Understand your feelings

Firstly, leaving your child with a childcare provider can be tough for parents as well as children. A lot of parents can feel nervous or guilty about leaving their children for the first time. Don’t be hard on yourself; the change allows you and your child to develop. Time at a day nursery helps establish the foundations for life at school while allowing you time to focus on your career or interests.

Consider the benefits of being back at work. You’re back to career advancement, conversations with other adults, and of course, income. Along with this, you can start planning social events that you may have missed out on. Maybe lunch with friends or colleagues? Or you can consider joining sports clubs or gyms that may have fallen to the wayside. Whatever your interests, leaving your children in reliable hands frees up vital time to develop yourself.

Ease your Child into day Nursery activities

As for your child, this is also an important time of change. As mentioned earlier, starting at a day nursery can be overwhelming. One of the best ways to prepare your child is to introduce aspects of day nursery life into the home. For example, setting up stations like a drawing and colouring-in station or reading corner and setting aside time every day for these activities can help your child become more confident in their abilities. This will allow them to be more prepared for the demands of a day nursery and less surprised by their new world.

Choose a Day Nursery that understands your child

Choosing a day nursery is one of the most important steps to your child’s development. At Stepping Stones Day Nursery, we operate on an engaging Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) education system. We believe that children learn best through play and provide high-quality early years provision that achieves better outcomes and develop abilities that are needed to become lifelong learners.

Our committed team have years of experience while our school, right next to the lovely Nottingham Arboretum, is open 51 weeks a year with sessions to suit your schedule. If you’re interested in finding out more about our amazing school then feel free to contact us and see our school for yourself

Communicate with Nursery Nurses

We are longtime believers that it takes a village to raise a child. We find that children learn and enjoy their time most when Nursery Nurses and parents are on the same wavelength. If you’re thinking about signing up for a day nursery then a great place to start is booking a visit with a day nursery so you can see the facilities and get to know the practitioners. 

Speak to your prospective Nursery Nurses about how to prepare your little one. Being at the nursery every day, they will be best placed to let you know what kind of activities and environments to prepare for.

Practice socialising

Finally, socialising is a huge part of early years development. A lot of children find the change from home life to school life challenging with several children and new adults around. To prepare your child you can ease them into socialising by taking them to soft play areas, planning play dates with friends and family, or even looking at fun hobbies or classes you can do together.

Stepping Stones Day Nursery is committed to helping your little one develop in a happy, safe and enjoyable environment. We provide every child with support, education, enrichment and entertainment. We look forward to seeing your little one learn and grow and would love to help you on this journey. To book a visit or get a free trial session contact us today. It’s never too early to start planning your child’s education.

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