Cooking with Toddlers and Children

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Cooking with toddlers is a great way to bond, have fun, learn, and develop skills. This activity is also a necessity for everyone, no matter where they might go or what they might do. That’s why we believe that cooking with toddlers and children is an absolute must. Here are a few more reasons why you should try cooking with your little ones. 

Learning in action

Learning at nursery is just one of the many ways children develop. At such a young age, their brains are like sponges and they soak up everything in their environment. Cooking develops literacy and numeracy skills as your children measure, count, and read recipes. This is active learning at its finest and your children will pick up literacy skills all the while cooking a delicious meal. 

Big scientist little scientist

Along with maths and literacy, cooking introduces your kids to the wonderful world of science. Watching butter melt, cakes rise, and veggies brown all teach them about physics and heat. This makes cooking a great way to engage inquisitive minds and teach them about science. 

Cooking new foods and trying new recipes also opens up your little one’s mind to new foods and flavours. If you’re having trouble getting them to try a new veggie, let them cook it. They’ll love experimenting with new foods and be more open to delicious recipes. 

Cooking with Toddlers and Children

Reading instructions

Working with recipes teaches your toddler how to follow instructions. Organising a recipe into a list shows how helpful it can be to organise your activities and follow a plan. As well as instructions working to a recipe promotes teamwork. For example, your child can add milk while you mix the ingredients. These little activities promote active learning and develop positive social characteristics. 

Creative cooking

Cooking with toddlers doesn’t just promote learning but also expression. When it comes to things like icing cakes or decorating dishes you can set up little decorating stations with everything from sprinkles to food colouring. You can also start some lovely new traditions like family cooking at Christmas or special homemade Easter decorations to give as gifts to your relatives.

Develop dexterity and fine motor skills

Working with your kids in the kitchen not only helps their minds but also their fingers and hand-eye coordination. Mixing, measuring, and shaping, all of these activities are safe and allow your kids to practice using their hands. Using a recipe also teaches them to measure by eye and decide when something is mixed enough or the right consistency. 

Cooking with Toddlers and Children

Emotional development

Last but not least it brings you closer together. Children love to spend time with their parents and cooking is a great way for them to develop bonds, build self-confidence, and learn a life skill

These are a few of the ways that cooking with toddlers can benefit development. Try cooking with your kids at dinner time and they’ll learn to love food and respect the kitchen all while having fun. If you’re looking for recipe ideas or want some help creating some kid-friendly festive treats and decorations then look no further. We’ve got a wonderful festive feasts blog packed with ideas for you and the little ones to enjoy. If you’re looking for lunchbox ideas, speedy suppers or recipes for toddlers then check out this awesome resource from BBC Good Food

So what are you waiting for, get some aprons, break out the mixing bowls and have some fun in the kitchen with your kids. 

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