Father’s Day at Stepping Stones 2018

Father’s Day 2018 at Stepping Stones

At Stepping Stones Day Nursery Ltd Nottingham on 15th June 2018, for Father’s day, we had around 40 of our children’s fathers come and have a play in the nursery. This is part of our Parent’s Charter which is set out at the start of every academic year. This is a list of event’s/activities we invite all our parent’s to attend as part of our Partnership with Parent’s at Stepping Stones Nottingham.

Each room did lots of different activities from den making to car racing. We thought it was amazing to see so many of you at the nursery. On the day it was amazing for us to see how all of the dad’s engaged with the children. All the children demonstrated higher levels of confidence and some of the creations on the day were amazing. You can see a picture of some of our dens and the play that followed below.

Father's Day Den Making 2

Father's Day Den Making 1

On the day we also had Footy Starz come in and do some classes with our Pre-School. Footy Starz come in once every 3 weeks all year round and their mission is to get children moving. This obviously encourages children’s overall development with a focus on improving both their motor and their social skills.  We have found all the children absolutely love Footy Starz and feel it is activities such as these that set Stepping Stones apart from other day nurseries in Nottingham City Centre. Some pictures of our children engaging in Footy Starz are below. More information on Footie Starz can be found here. 

Father's Day Socatots 1

Father's Day Socatots 2

We also had FRED (Father’s Reading Every Day) do a small talk to our parent’s. Fred is a free 4 week home-based activity which encourages fathers to spend time reading and looking at book’s with their child. It has been established by Small Steps Big Changes and is National Lottery Funded.

More images of the fantastic activities can be found below and are also available to view on our Facebook page. Please like/follow our page as images of activities are posted daily. There may also be several other articles like this on our news page.

Father's Day Counting gameFather's Day outdoor play

Father's Day Indoor race track

Father's Day clay making

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