Fun Home Exercises for You and the Kids

Exercise is incredibly important to your child’s health and development. According to the NHS, children and young people aged between 5 and 18 should be doing regular aerobic exercise as well as exercises to strengthen muscle and bones.

Official recommendations also suggest children should aim for at least one hour of moderate physical activity a day, break up time spent sitting or lying down, and change up exercises to build different parts of your body. 

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Luckily, if there’s one thing kids have it’s loads of energy. All you need to do is turn that energy into healthy exercise. Make exercising fun and it’ll be a habit that will stand your children in good stead for years to come. To help you, we’ve found some fun exercise routines for you and the kids.

Fun Home Exercises and Games

Firstly, while exercise is recommended for children from 5 and up, children under this age still need and enjoy exercise. To make exercise fun, turn it into a game. Maybe hide and seek, a fun recycling scavenger hunt, or even just a lunchtime dance party. All of these little things make moving fun and help your children maintain healthy lifestyles.

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If your little one is a bit too young for that then why not include them in your workout routine? NetDoctor has some great tips for including your little one in your push-ups, sit-ups, squats and other home exercise routines. This bonding routine will help your baby associate exercise with you and potentially allow them to form good habits earlier. 


While finding space at home to exercise can be tricky, going into the garden or your local park for a quick game of cricket, volleyball, whatever sport your little one is interested in is ideal for getting out of the house and enjoying some exercise. 

Home Exercise Sport

Sports combine aerobic exercise with muscle-building, fine motor skills, and coordination. Plus it’s fun! Find a sport you can play together and you’ll both feel the benefit of sharing a hobby, getting some much-needed exercise and forming a bond.

Walks, Runs and Cycles

Everyday activities like walking, running, and cycling can also count towards a healthier lifestyle. These activities provide plenty of aerobic exercises and also help build muscle. Walking the dog, taking your bicycle to the shops, or just going for a run in your neighbourhood are great ways to create a healthy routine with your child and make sure they get the exercise they need to lead healthy lives.

Mindful Activities

Exercise doesn’t have to involve getting the blood pumping. Mindful exercises can reduce agitation, restlessness and boredom and provide you and your child with an outlet when you’re feeling all cooped up. 

Kids Stepping Stones Rollerblading

Yoga and meditation are great ways to bring mindfulness into your lives and provide some much-needed stress relief. Yoga with your kids is fun. All you need is a couple exercise mats and some simple stretches. Work through a routine with your child and get them to copy your movements. This will show your child how to stretch properly and they’ll probably enjoy the fun shapes and actions you get to do. 

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