What Are The Benefits of Nursery Education?

benefits of day nursery

Education is key for a child’s development, and there is no stage as integral to development as the early years foundation stage (EYFS). It sets the standards for all schools and nurseries and provides a strong base of education, learning, and development for your child.

But as a parent, there are many decisions you need to consider for your child and one of them is whether or not to send them to day nursery. It can be a hard decision to make and may make you feel a little uneasy. Rest assured there are numerous benefits of nursery education and can be a positive experience for your little one.

Keep reading to learn some of the key benefits of sending your child to day nursery, including benefits for you too!

The Benefits of Nursery Education

At Stepping Stones Day Nursery, we nurture and educate your children so they can learn, grow, and ultimately achieve their dreams. Countless studies have shown that early years development can help give your child a headstart in education. Here are some benefits of nursery education like ours that can help your child.

It prepares your child for school


One of the main benefits of nursery education is that it prepares your child for school. Many of the skills your child learns at nursery help them to prepare for school and ease the transition into primary and secondary school. Skills such as reading, playing, listening to stories, painting and drawing, solving puzzles, dancing, exercising, and cooking all help with social development.

At Stepping Stones, these activities are structured and guided by experienced teachers and carers to ensure every child learns at their own pace. We stick to strict government guidelines and employ experienced, trained professionals who understand children’s development. This means we create spaces where children can learn and grow in a safe, stimulating atmosphere. 

We also help children familiarise themselves with digital technology. Every classroom has touch screens and computers for digital tasks. These are used in moderation and allow us to train them for a skill that is necessary in today’s modern world.

Your child can practice important social skills

As mentioned, day nurseries help your child to practice and develop important social skills. Social skills like learning to share, taking turns, playing together, listening to others, and communicating with friends are all key to early development.

Through regular interactions with their peers and teachers, children learn how to navigate relationships and understand school rules. The more people children communicate with, the more they begin to understand empathy and consider other people’s feelings.

All of this makes the transition to school life seamless as they have years of practice before starting big school. At Stepping Stones, we create social spaces where children learn through play, making friends, and learning how to communicate their feelings healthily.

It helps to learn structure and routine


Incorporating structure and routine into your child’s life is a vitally important skill as it’s something they’ll take into their adult life. The day nursery is the first step to your child learning this skill, whether it’s through meal times, nap times, or indoor and outdoor activities. This type of structure is great preparation for primary or secondary school because they feel more confident and secure and is one of the biggest benefits of nursery education.

Here at Stepping Stones, we actively incorporate structure into your child’s activities, from encouraging them to wash their hands before meal times, to tidying up before they go home.

Your child will build immunity

Whilst going to day nursery can’t protect your child from all known diseases, it can certainly help them build up a strong immune system against common infections like colds. Regular interaction with other children and adults, getting outside for regular fresh air, and getting daily exercise all contribute to keeping your little one fit and healthy.

At our day nursery, we follow a strict hygiene routine and we ensure our nursery rooms are safe, clean, and perfectly equipped to keep your little ones entertained.

You allow for time to focus on yourself


Day nurseries don’t just bring benefits for children, but parents also. They take your child off your hands during the day so you can focus on other matters. It may only be for a few hours a day or week, but those precious hours provide you with some well-deserved ‘me-time’.

As a parent, it’s important to take some time out for yourself to recharge, catch up on some household chores or socialise with your family or friends. You may even use that opportunity to create a work-life balance. Sending your child to a nursery allows you to build a comfortable balance between working and being a parent.

We work with you

Trusting your child with any day nursery is no small feat and we understand this better than most. At Stepping Stones, we have been nurturing and educating children for over 20 years. Our approach to teaching is multi-faceted and we consider every aspect of their day. From purpose-built classrooms to specially trained staff, safety measures to nutritious meal plans, we cover every aspect of your child’s day.

We will always include parents in every aspect of their child’s development. We’ll keep you up to date with digital reports and arrange regular catch-ups with your child’s key worker. You can also provide feedback to us at any time on our website.

As you can see, there are so many benefits of nursery education for your little one and we want to help as many children as possible with their early years development. We believe our purpose-built day nursery is the perfect place to do so.

We’re situated right next to the Nottingham Arboretum and we have cultivated the perfect space for inquisitive minds to learn and grow. Contact us today to find out more about what else Stepping Stones has to offer and how to get a placement. We can’t wait to get you and your little one started on an extraordinary journey.

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