04/06/2018 – Stepping Stones – The Next Fortnight

Updates and Notices

As the weather is getting hotter, please can all parents bring in hats and sun cream for your children.

In the Yellow Room

Exploring sounds will be the focus in the next two weeks, using different objects to create these sounds. Babies love to make different sounds and noises. Using different objects such as pots and pans, wooden spoons and shaker bottle, this helps the babies develop their senses and it is also a sensory experience.

We will also be doing lots of creative activities to celebrate Father’s day such as car printing and finger painting.

Could all parents bring in family photos for your child. We are going to be making some shaker bottles with your pictures on over the next two weeks. Please email or bring photos in ([email protected])

In Red Room 1 & 2

In Red Room 1 we will be focusing on body parts and families. These topics will be included through play such as singing action songs (‘Tommy Thumb’, ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’) with the latter currently being the children’s favourite. We will also be using family photos and photos of the children to encourage the children to talk about people who aren’t present, we will also be looking to develop understanding about ownership (what is theirs and what is isn’t). We will also be using mirrors so the children can point out features on their faces and point out their body parts.

Using words such as; mummy, daddy, eyes, nose, and mouth. We will be enhancing our activities by encouraging the children to put two words together, such as; Mummy/Daddy work, bye Mummy/Daddy, clap hands, brush hair etc.

In Red Room 2 we will be talking about our family members and looking at our family photos on the run up to Father’s day. We are trialling wooden balancing blocks in our room. This helps the children to gain key balance skills, turn taking and walking up and down. Crayons, pens, chalks and other materials will be used to encourage mark making, we will be talking with the children about the different marks different mediums make.

We are also still asking parent’s to share family photos for our display, which can be brought in or emailed to [email protected]

In Green Room 1 & 2

In Green Room 1, we are still watching our cress grow and watering them ready for the journey to your homes! We will also be exploring shaving foam. Feeling the different textures and introducing new words, such as soft, silky, smelly, squeeze and gloopy.

Nature and Science are our focus in Green Room 2. We are planting our very own herbs and the children will also be continuing to take care of the stick insects, by helping to feed and water them. The words we are going to be using are; pour, dig, wet, soil, big, small, and water.

We will be using the first 100 words in both our Green Rooms. If you would like a copy to support your child’s development please ask a member of staff.

In the Pre-School

Due to it being half term we are extending our teaching and learning for another fortnight. We will then be carrying on our fortnightly cycle again.


Homework sheets for the Pre-School are available in both the rooms and on the door in a plastic wallet. Please ask your room leader for a sheet if you cannot find one.

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