23/04/2018 – The next fortnight at Stepping Stones!

General Notices

We can’t wait to see everyone at our Parent’s evening tomorrow, if you haven’t booked yet please give us a call and ask to speak to your child’s key worker.

In the Yellow Room

Over the next two weeks in the yellow room, we will be doing lots of different sensory activities to get our babies sense going. Our babies love body painting at the moment, we are going to slightly adapt it by adding different toys and objects into the paint. This will encourage early mark making.

To help our babies reach their next steps, we will be once again having lots of tummy time. Activities such as the sensory hoop and sensory bags being taped to the floor really helps to develop the babies core strength.

In Red Room 1 & 2

In Red Room 1 we will be focusing on verbs and descriptive words, these will be used in activities such as water and sand play, words such as; wash, pour, little, big, clean, dirty, dry, wet, in and out, this really helps the children start to recognise and associate words with the activities they are engaging in. We will also be doing lots of heuristic and sensory play as this aids in the development of the children’s senses.

In Red Room 2 we are focusing on sensory exploration, different textures such as cornflour, shaving foam, play-dough really stimulate our children’s senses and they have a great time experimenting. We will also be supporting the children to pick objects up between their thumb and finger. The words from ‘the first 100 words’ we are focusing on this week are; hot, cold, up, down, gone, more and look.

We are also still asking parent’s to share family photos for our display, which can be brought in or emailed to [email protected]

In Green Room 1 & 2

In Green Room 1 we will be making slime and exploring the different textures different ingredients create. We will also be starting to grow cress in the room and watching how the cress starts to germinate and then eventually how large it will grow. We will be introducing new words such as; soil, cress, pot and grow. Our song bag will be used again to help us learn some new songs.

In Green Room 2, with International Dance Day coming up (29th April 2018) we will be doing lots of dancing. This aids in the development of the children’s fine/gross motor skills and also develops their ability to follow instructions. The following week we will be talking about body parts, arms, legs, toes etc. this will develop the children’s language, we will also be talking about emotions and feelings allowing the opportunity for the children to to discuss what they enjoy and what they don’t like.

In the Pre-School

Fortnightly Book


In Blue Room 1 ‘Owl Babies’ is our fortnightly book, we will be making paper plate owls. Going on a sound walk, talking about what we can hear and learning about nocturnal animals.

‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ is Blue room 2’s book, they will be creating height charts and talking about length/height. They will also be creating a Giant made out of boxes and measuring their beans they have been growing.

Blue Room 3 will be reading ‘Chocolate Mousse for Greedy Goose’. The children will be writing their very own menus and looking at words that rhyme.


In Blue Room 1 our letter of the week is Oo

In Blue Room 2 our letter of the week is Dd

In Blue Room 3 our letter of the week is Uu

We are all trying to think of lots of things beginning with our letters/the sound it makes, what items do you have at home beginning with our letters? What can you see beginning with our letters on the way to nursery? Can you bring anything in to show us beginning with our letter? We are using our new phoneme bags which are just next to reception, we will also be learning an alliterative rhyme that matches our letter (for example ‘C’ Carol the Cat clicks her castanets). We will also be learning the jolly phonics action.


In Blue Room 1 our number is 3

In Blue Room 2 our number is 3

In Blue Room 3 our number is 10

Talking to your child about these numbers will really reinforce our teaching, helping your child’s ability to recognize numbers and aid in their mathematical development, in all rooms we will be counting to our number, the different ways we can make our number (for example 5 = 3 + 2, 4 + 1, 5 + 0 etc.) Looking at where it is on our number line and which numbers come before and after it.


In Blue Room 1 counting and calculation is our skill, the children will be engaging in activities such as number bonds and playing the octopus number games. We will also be modelling numbers out of play-dough.

Recognising shapes is the skill for Blue Room 2’s children, they will be looking at the properties of shapes and different shapes in the environment they both live and play.

In Blue Room 3 the children will be comparing heavy and light objects. Our children will be asked to make predictions of how objects around the room will compare against each other.


Homework sheets for the Pre-School are available in both the rooms and on the door in a plastic wallet. Please ask your room leader for a sheet if you cannot find one.

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