26/11/2018 – Stepping Stones – The Next Fortnight

Updates and Notices

In the Yellow Room

In the next two weeks in the baby room, we will be doing lots of sensory activities to encourage the babies to use their senses to explore different textures and smells. Sensory play is very important as it supports language development and a babies fine and gross motor skills. The sensory activities that we will be doing will be spaghetti play, bubble play and water play as the babies love splashing!

To encourage our older babies to start taking their first steps, we will have the walkers out daily and will be doing a variety of activities to help strengthen those leg muscles. Also from the start of December, we will begin our Christmas activities to celebrate the festive period.

For the next two weeks, our Makaton sign will be the nappy sign which can be viewed on the baby room door!


In Red Room 1 & 2

In the next two weeks in Red Room 1, we will be using the sign nappy. We are going to also be focusing on exploring different textures, encouraging the children to play alongside others and babble. With the objective of enabling the children to move from single words to putting two or more words together. Some of the activities we will be doing will include playing with bubble wrap, spaghetti, jelly, paint and shredded paper.

In Red Room 2 we are focusing on making connections between our marks through; drawing, painting and sensory exploration. We will be supporting children’s interaction through different activities such as making dinner with playdough., We will be incorporating the first 100 words through our play, such as; big, little, more, Mummy, Daddy and water.


In Green Room 1 & 2

In both Green Room 1 & 2 we will be focusing on creative play and talking about the cold weather! Once December begins we will start to use our Christmas advent calendar, please check the Green Room doors to see what we are up to!

Our Makaton sign will be ‘more’ and ‘book’ and our book is ‘Spots bake a cake’ and ‘Oh dear’

In the Pre-School

Fortnightly Book


In Blue Room 1 ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ is our fortnightly book. We will be making character masks, story boards and acting out the story

‘Down by the Cool of the Pool’ is Blue room 2’s book, they will be taking part in dancing activities and looking at the life cycles of frogs.

Blue Room 3 will be reading ‘Each Peach Pear Plum’. The children will be playing rhyming games, fruit tasting and writing.


Ii is the letter of the week in Blue Room 1

Our letter of the week is Nn in Blue Room 2

In Blue Room 3 our letter of the week is Pp

We are all trying to think of lots of things beginning with our letters/the sound it makes, what items do you have at home beginning with our letters? What can you see beginning with our letters on the way to nursery? Can you bring anything in to show us beginning with our letter? We are using our new phoneme bags which are just next to reception, we will also be learning an alliterative rhyme that matches our letter (for example ‘C’ Carol the Cat clicks her castanets). We will also be learning the jolly phonics action.


Our number of the week is 6 in Blue Room 1

6 is the number of the week in Blue Room 2

In Blue Room 3 our number is 7

Talking to your child about these numbers will really reinforce our teaching. This helps your child’s ability to recognize numbers and aids in their mathematical development. In all rooms, we will be counting to our number. Talking about the different ways we can make our number (for example 5 = 3 + 2, 4 + 1, 5 + 0 etc.). Also looking at where it is on our number line and which numbers come before and after it.


In Blue Room 1 our children will be looking at measuring and comparative language. We will be building towers and measuring them, making height charts and filling and emptying various objects.

Recognising 2D shapes are the focus for Blue Room 2’s children. The children will be doing a shape hunt and playing shape sorting games.

In Blue Room 3 the children will be studying money and time. We will be role-playing, money matching and clock based activities and talking about past and present.


Homework sheets for the Pre-School are available in both the rooms and on the door in a plastic wallet. Please ask your room leader for a sheet if you cannot find one.

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